Episode 7 – Queen Elizabeth and Crystal Palace 10Ks

In this episode we discuss what we have already changed in our events planning, our (lack of) training progress and titular events we have done to date! Note: Tunnock’s Caramel Bars seem to sell for about £1.75 for 8, not £1 – inflation sucks.


Events mentioned in this episode:

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k – Series Link
Crystal Palace 10k -= Event Link
Steyning Stinger – Event Link
Spartan Race – Series Link
Silverstone Half Marathon – Event Link
Ultra Tour of Arran – Event Link
The Wall – Event Link
Ultra Tour of Edinburgh – Event Link
Beer Lovers Marathon – Event Link
Dirty Weekend – Event Link
Costa Rica Coastal Challenge – Event Link
Mighty Deerstalker – Event Link
Cambridge Harriers 10 Mile XC  – Event Link
Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10k – Event Link
Richmond Park – Event Link
The Street Child Craft Half-Marathon – Event Link

Other media mentioned in this episode:

Brave Wilderness – YouTube Channel Link


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