Episode 11 – Deerstalker Wrap-Up and Arran Ultra Prep

Having completed the Mighty Deerstalker, Alex and Jamie talk about how it went and how tragically under-prepared they are for the Ultra Tour of Arran. 14km to over 90km? Sure, should be fine…


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Ultra Tour of Arran – Event Link
The Wall – Event Link
Ultra Tour of Edinburgh – Event Link

Onward to Arran!

Let’s assess what I said I would do:

1. Assuming I can manage 20miles/week on my first week back comfortably I should be fine. If I’m really struggling then there will need to be some re-consideration on my part. 

2. I will probably need to up my distance more rapidly than the guides stipulates three weeks in to ‘catch-up’; but this I’ll have to keep an eye on.  

3. Get some actual yoga sessions in.

4. Get a flu shot.

Me, 13th January 2019

OK – so I didn’t do 20miles/week on my first week back. Perusing the training forum I don’t think I clocked a 20mile week until w/c 4th February – almost a month later.

The following statement probably sums up my training: 

Was supposed to run 20mi on the weekend (like 10mi/day) – but spent Saturday hung over then Sunday I…just didn’t. 

Me, 4th February 2019

Or this one:

My plan for this morning to do a 20miler went out the window as I was supremely hungover and did not get out of bed until 1400… 

Me, 23rd February 2019 

That said, the day after saying this I did do 28miles (although 10 of that was walking…). That made my first 20mile+ week! (I think, I was a bit too lazy to actually check all the numbers).

Now, I did say some re-consideration may be needed on my part. Sensibly, yes – daftly, no. Last week I did manage 20mi/13mi back-to-back. Although none of the races we’ve done so far have been over a marathon distance… actually…I don’t think I’ve done a marathon yet this year…oh dear… 


OK, anyway – looking at the cut-off times for the Ultra Tour of Arran, they are 12hrs/day and right now I feel that I am able to comfortably meet that timing. Although I will not be running the whole thing. Sorry – but I think a heavy amount of walking will be on the menu.  

But, surely on the other 3 points I’ve done better? Based on the above I think we can skip over point #2 and get straight onto yoga! 

Well, whilst I didn’t go to a tonne of yoga classes I did spend lots of time stretching – until early March. At this point I started having some knee problems and calf issues. So, I’ve cut back on stretching, focusing instead on cross training on the bike (lots of spinning) in the last weeks leading up to the event.

Also, I didn’t get a flu shot. 

Ok, so I’m batting 0/4 going into the first ultra-marathon of the year. But, based on my running to date I am confident I will be able to complete it through adequate pacing. Two weeks to go, yay…

Don’t try this at home… 

Episode 8 – The Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10k

This week we discuss the first event we actually ran together this year – the Hadleigh Legacy 10k – and moaning way too much about the coffee situation at West Ham station.


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Episode 7 – Queen Elizabeth and Crystal Palace 10Ks

In this episode we discuss what we have already changed in our events planning, our (lack of) training progress and titular events we have done to date! Note: Tunnock’s Caramel Bars seem to sell for about £1.75 for 8, not £1 – inflation sucks.


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Podcast Episode 6 – 2019 Events, Part 6

The final episode in the series covering our initial outlook and plans for events in 2019!


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