Still Running, Daftly

Don’t worry: we’ve not abandoned the podcast! Nor have we given up on running to spend most of the time at the pub (not that we haven’t been putting the hours in there, too).

Over the last month or so we have conquered (well, survived) two of the three Man vs events – Coast and Lakes. In preparation for the third, and final event in the series – Man vs. Mountain – we have daftly ended up running the Vanguard Way marathon and the always challenging 13 The Hard Way. That constitutes an additional marathon we entered last minute that we vastly underestimate and a half-marathon that feels harder than some marathons!

Suffice to say we are well behind on our recording schedule. This has mostly been down to enjoying the summer – bbqs, cricket and beer – but rest assured we will catch up on episodes soon, Gareth!

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