Upping the Daft Ante

Looking back to last year, various points this year, and now, even, I recall stating quite clearly that I would no longer be attempting anything longer than a marathon. Yet I have just finished trying to work out when I need to pack up my bag with the essential kit listed in the pre-race e-mail for the 50-kilometre Ultra Tour of Edinburgh. If this was the be-all and end all then one may conclude that I was just trying to make the best use of the Rat Race Events Season ticket we purchased for 2019 – after all, wasn’t that why we did the 60-mile Ultra Tour of Arran? Actually, I think that was Jamie’s daft idea… But, no, the 50k event coming up this weekend is in-fact not the daftest thing about this week.

The daftest thing I’ve done this week was enter the doubly-long Isle of Wight Challenge. Again.

Having somehow concluded that my withdrawal from the event in 2017 somewhere around the 80-kilometer mark meant there was ‘unfinished business’ I have gone all Rocky 2 on the situation and re-entered the 2019 bout.

Having now read the synopsis of Rocky 2 (as I’ve not seen it in a very long time) I realise that I am actually being Apollo Creed. Creed is the one that feels like the ‘business is unfinished’ and begging for the rematch that – spoiler alert – doesn’t end well for him. Aww nuts.

Anyway – so whilst this race is only 10km more than the event completed earlier this year on Arran it is a 1-day event rather than 2. Perhaps this time I should pay more attention to those 100km training guides I found before… or just stick to spin classes and pull-ups.

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