Having hit December we have run into a lot of birthdays and Christmas celebrations (Yay!), spawning additional chores to get the house in order and purchase the necessary goods to have said celebrations. Of course, things have to be re-arranged to accommodate all this and one of the hardest things to be hit has been training (yay… oh, boo?)! Only a week into December and my watch had already determined my fate – I was ‘detraining’ and fit for nothing but being a potato sack leaning upon the bar of life. For most runners this would be a problem – however on the daft running ethos, this is par for the course. Pass the choccies!

Unfortunately, the course over the next year involves a 100+km event which I failed to complete last time I attempted it. Then again, perhaps I was training too much back then – who can tell with these things! Sure, I’ll take another glass of prosecco!

Not that I have been as poor at maintaining activity as my watch would have one believe: I have been to the gym at a reduced rate – and running has been pretty much absent from my schedule over December. Perhaps pull ups and a handful of squats will be enough – especially given the extra kilos of turkey I have loaded myself with. Maybe this is actually the way one should perform bodyweight exercising – I mean if you are pushing less weight that’s kinda cheating.

Over the next week or two, Jamie and I, through the drunken stupor that is the Christmas break will be looking through the other adventures for next year. I suppose we will have to run more to get past the 100km+ event(s?), but I think our training is going great for the next round of Craft Halfs and Beer Lovers Marathons… maybe too great…

Whilst we mull over this situation, enjoying well-mulled wine, I hope everyone reading this has had a good 2019 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you in 2020!

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