The Daft 5k Challenge – Can you beat your 5k PB in 4 weeks?

We did. Maybe you can too?!

No idea what’s going on? Might be worth reading our intro first if you’re just jumping in!

After four weeks of intense, or maybe not so intense, training, the moment is nigh. How did we do? If you want to listen to the answer, I suggest clicking here to access our latest podcast where we discuss everything in detail.

Jamie’s Results

Jamie KMs1st Jan31st JanSeconds Difference
Total00:25:1300:24:0964 seconds quicker
Average per km00:05:0300:04:5013 seconds quicker

Alas, my target of a sub-24 minute 5k was not to be, but it was close. Not bad for a month. I ran a total of 131km in January, ignoring the time trials, more than half of which was easy running. For each kilometer run, I took 0.5 of a second off my total time. Was this an efficient use of the four weeks? Wait till you see what Alex came up with.

Jamie’s Training Programme

  • One tempo run a week
  • One speed session a week
  • 2-3 additional easy runs a week
  • One recovery indoor bike session
  • One HIIT style bike workout or hill workout
  • One core strength/ stretch session a week.

Alex’s Results

Alex KMs1st Jan31st JanSeconds Difference
Total00:25:0300:23:16107 seconds quicker
Average per km00:05:0100:04:3921 seconds quicker
That’ll do!

I wasn’t aiming for much, but surprised myself in making such an improvement! Basically back-to-back interval sessions (around 114km total running in the month) seemed to pay off. Efficiency wise I guess you could say this was just under 1 second saved for each km in training I did! Not bad eh?

Alex’s Training Programme

  • 1 tempo run a week (3x 1-mile tempo runs, 2min break in between)
  • 2 interval running sessions a week
    • 6x 2-minute intervals, with 3min break in between
    • 3x 1-minute, 2-minute, 3-minute, 2min break in-between intervals and 3-minute break between the set of intervals.
  • 2 bike sessions a week (mostly intervals, based on indoor cycle programmes)